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It’s Mardi Gras Nationals Time!

Mardi Gras Nationals - Cheerleading
Mardi Gras Nationals - CheerleadingMardi Gras Spirit Events

It’s a big weekend for cheer! If you’re headed to New Orleans, you’re in the right place! Break out those Mardi Gras beads and get ready for a weekend of fun, cheer, trophies and Worlds Bids! Mardi Gras Nationals is celebrating their best year ever with over 200 teams competing over the weekend.

Mardi Gras Nationals - Cheerleading - ACE

Photo: Mardi Gras Spirit Events

This weekend, Mardi Gras Nationals will award two full paid bids and four at-large bids to The Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, Fla. Sixteen teams are competing in the Worlds Division with hopes of taking home a paid bid worth approximately $625 per athlete.

Teams Competing for Worlds Bids:

Senior Small Coed L5
Texas Lonestar Cheer
Prodigy All Stars >> Midnight
All-Star Revolution >> Freedom
ACE Cheer Company >> Chiefs

Senior Medium Coed L5
Central Mississippi Cheerleading (CMC) >> MECO
Louisiana Cheer Force >> Chrome
Gem of Champions >> Black Diamond
ACE Cheer Company >> Wild Warriors
Louisiana Spirit >> Red

Senior Small L5
Tiger Elite >> Fierce 5
Cheer Florida Allstars >> Fancy 5 Electras
Champion Cheer >> Heat
Louisiana Athletics >> Twisters
Texas Lonestar Cheer >> Red

Senior Large Coed L5
ACE Cheer Company >> Warriors

International Open Coed L5
Louisiana Cheer Force >> Onyx


A Few Things You Should Know:
Event Information
Admission: $15 for a 1 day / $25 for a 2 day and Children under 5 are Free.
Performance Order for Saturday
Performance Order for Sunday

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