Tribute to Herkie

Long before the days of intricate pyramids and crazy tumbling passes, one man had a dream that became a reality.  Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer is widely known across the world as the founder of modern day cheerleading.  Herkie passed away on July 1, 2015 in Dallas. He was 89.

Herkie’s legend will live on forever.

The cheerleading industry has spent the week remembering Herkie and his accomplishments. The New York Times published an article as well on his accomplishments within the cheerleading industry.


Cheerleaders, coaches and industry members across the world are joining in with the celebration of Herkie’s life by using the hashtag #Herkie on social media by posting a photo of their own authentic Herkie jump.

Herkie was the founder of NCA, now owned by Varsity Brands, and annually hosts the largest all star cheerleading competition in the world with over 1,300 teams attending the event.

Join the industry by sharing your #Herkie with the world and remembering the legend!

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