11 things that happen when it’s Worlds Week

You’ve been counting down the days pretty much since CHEERSPORT and now the week leading up to WORLDS has finally arrived. (Insert freaking out emoji here.) You’ve put in the work, and now it’s time for you and your team to show off what you’ve been working so hard towards. But before you can pack your bags and head to Orlando, a few things are going to happen:


  1. You finally realize you only have a few days before the biggest event of the year – and your just now starting to freak out.
  2. You can’t even begin to concentrate during school – and your notebooks are filled with pages like this:
  3. You know your music so well you know exactly when and where your facials and lip-syncing are going to be in the routine. (Cue facial after finishing your tumbling pass.)
  4. Christmas has basically came early – there’s nothing better than receiving all your Worlds t-shirts, bags and goodies. (Thanks Team Mom – you da real MVP.)
  5. And you’ve already put together a stack of old t-shirts that you will trade with other teams once you get there. (Who wouldn’t want a shirt from Bangkok?)
  6. You’ve pretty much turned into a cheer zombie.
  7. Because your practice schedule has went from this….
  8. To now this.
  9. And your coach has probably decided that your team needs a completely new and improved routine.
  10. But that’s okay, because there is no better feeling in the world than this:
  11. Or this.


Happy Worlds Week!



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