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'Bring It On' Star Gabrielle Union had Replica Clovers Uniform Made

'Bring It On' Star Gabrielle Union had Replica Clovers Uniform Made
Image: Beacon Pictures


Chances are if you were ever a cheerleader, there is movie that totally defines your cheer life: Bring It On. Not many can argue that it was [and still is] anything short of an awesome movie. It pretty much sums up the cheerleading life even today: Cheer routines, romance, funny, quotable moments that nearly every cheerleader uses in real life and of course the first choice in any cheer sleepover.

Of course, Gabrielle Union loves Bring It On as much as the rest of us do — so much, that she’s not willing to give up the cheer uniform that helped make her famous.

Union is now the star in Being Mary Jane and recently married famed NBA player Dwyane Wade. It’s great to hear that one of her earliest movie roles as Isis, the captain of the Compton High School Clovers, still holds a special place in her heart.

In a recent interview with Us Magazine, she revealed that she had her own copy of her famous Clovers uniform made just because she loves the movie so much.

“I had a replica made. Just for fun… or not. We would always be all together… Toros, Clovers. We had a lot of fun, and we continue to have a lot of fun together whenever we’re all together. It’s a movie and a gift and a friendship that keeps on giving.” – Gabrielle Union

Can you believe that The Bring It On movie was released over 14 years ago? It’s hard to believe that next summer will mark 15 years since its release date on August 22, 2000.

Can we score a Bring It On reunion? If it means bringing the cast together for a new movie, we’d support it!  Maybe Union’s Isis and Kirsten Dunst’s Torrance as star as grown up cheer coaches who meet again when their teams compete against each other? Of course, Jesse Bradford and Eliza Dushku will have to make a return as well.

Here’s a look back at the Nationals scene from 2000:

Image: Beacon Pictures

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