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20 Signs You're A Cheer Coach

20 Signs You're A Cheer Coach

1. You don’t take “No” for an answer or excuse.

2. You have a parent (or two) who you’re scared to open an email from.

3. You spend hours on YouTube reviewing your team’s routines.

4. You don’t accept a shoulder shrug as an answer or hearing the words… “I can’t.”

5. “One more” Full-Out really means three or four.

6. You live with other cheer coaches because no one else understands or has the same crazy schedule.

7. You’re always afraid when an Event Producer calls you to the stage.

8. You can’t listen to music without thinking about how good it would be in a routine.

9. When everyone else is off in the summer, you are at your busiest.

10. You have become a hoarder of extra bobby pins, hair ties, and cheer bows (and maybe an extra uniform or two.)

11. Flu Season is a team-wide epidemic.

12. Extracurricular conflicts make you cringe.

13. You have a Twitter and/or Instagram and all of your “followers” are your athletes.

14. On Wednesday Practices… We wear Pink.

15. Most of your paycheck is spent going out after work with coworkers.

16. Your DVR is Auto Set to record everything with the word ‘Cheerleading’.

17. You’ve been to Disney World so many times that it’s not even a vacation.

18. Your favorite vacations consists of Coaching Conventions and Staff Retreats.


19. You know that kids truly do say the darndest things.

20 Signs You're a Cheer Coach

20. You want success for your kids more than you want success for yourself.

20 Signs You're A Cheer Coach - Spirit of Texas

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  1. Shane

    21. You’re up right now reading this.


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