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4 Days until ACA! Who's ready?

4 Days until ACA! Who's ready?

We are just four days away from the ACA (American Cheerleaders Association) Small Gym and All Star National Championships held on January 17-18th, in Fort Worth, Texas! The competition will be fierce as hundreds of teams will compete for not only the first place trophy, but also their golden ticket to The Summit or Worlds.


Founded in 1998, ACA was committed to one goal: “To develop camps and competitions that go beyond ribbons and trophies to touch the very heart of each participant.”

ACA’s founder, Lance Wagers, is well known in the cheerleading industry and has a unique perspective about what makes ACA so powerful.


As the president of ACA, I am very proud of the championships we produce each year. We take great pride in making our participants feel welcome at our event. We want to make the entire competition as stress-less as possible. We have earned the reputation of being a highly competitive and friendly competition coupled with outstanding judging panels made up primarily of World Class judges who are experts in their field. We want our competitions and our staff interaction with the participants to make a difference in the lives of young cheerleaders. Our staffers are servants and there to help our participants enjoy their time at our ACA competition. We believe in building leaders with strong emphasis on each student believing in themselves and their abilities.
Lance Wagers, President

This weekend, ACA will offer three Full-Paid and six At-Large bids for the USASF Cheerleading Worlds. Two Full-Paid and five At-Large bids for The Summit will be given in the All Star Nationals division, and one Full-Paid and 5 At-Large bids will be awarded to those competing in Small Gyms Nationals. Winners will also receive a National Championship banner, a National Champion jacket, and of course a big shiny trophy.

Grand National Champion will be awarded also, along with $1000 to the highest scorers in levels one through five.

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