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Cheer Confessions

Cheer Confessions
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My name is Charley. Most of my friends call me CC for Cheerin Charley. I have been a cheerleader since I was 6. Now, I am much older and wiser at 14 and there are a few things I wish would change about cheerleading. Together with my team, we came up with a wish list to start off the fight for some real changes! You and your team should add to the list. What do you wish would change?

Here are a few things we came up with:

  1. We wish coaches understood that they aren’t on our teams. Your job is to make us look great, not the opposite.
  2. We wish cheerlebrities had more in common with Popular Athletes in other sports and not the Kardashians. Being popular is great and it should be deserved by being good!
  3. We wish we had more say so in the sport including rules, judging, score sheets and all. We all have to pay to be members, and we pay to cheer. Why not let us be more involved in what our sport says and does?
  4. We wish uniforms, bows, make up, practice clothes and all the stuff we are “supposed” to have didn’t cost so much! We don’t have time to get jobs!
  5. While we are on the subject of money, we wish all stars didn’t cost as much as a private school! All of us would rather be at the gym than at school, but our parents don’t see it the same way. They make the choices and they are the ones with the jobs!
  6. We are tired of seeing the same coaches, cheerleaders, and programs everywhere! I mean yeah they are great, but there are plenty of great coaches, great athletes, and great stories to be told in every gym. Let’s get some new faces in this sport!
  7. We wish people would understand what we go through to be successful, recognize us as good athletes, and respect us for our accomplishments. That might make the bruises a little more worth it!
  8. We wish we could eat or drink anything we want and still fit into this spandex we are supposed to wear!
  9. We wish cheerleading shoes would last through a season, or just a month.
  10. We wish cheerleading music was still fun to listen to. The only one that cares about your team, your coaches, your titles, or your gym is you! We don’t need it commentated by cheap voice overs! Let’s get back to the music.
  11. Can we get rid of bad facials? I mean these girls look like they ate bad sushi sometimes, and the guys can be worse! We wish we could take it back to just a simple smile! 🙂
  12. We wish our sport was on TV more! When you are more likely to see poker, pool, fishing, or a spelling bee on a sports network… How are we ever going to be considered a sport?!
  13. We are tired of rules changing. Can we make a good set and stick to it? Did I mention we would like to help with that?
  14. We wish Worlds wasn’t always in Orlando. Outgrown, Outdated, and Overrated!  It’s a big world, isn’t there somewhere else we could go?
  15. We wish someone would listen to us, hear what we have to say, and do something about it. Without us, there is no all star cheerleading. When will everyone learn???

What does your team wish would change about cheerleading? Comment below and let us know!

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