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The MAJORS 2015 Champions are…

The MAJORS 2015 Champions are…

The MAJORS was held on Friday, January 16th at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Ind. prior to the start of JAMfest Super Nationals. The “Best of the Best” in Senior Level 5 competed to be the MAJOR CHAMPION in front of well over 5,000 spectators in a 3-hour show unlike anything else in cheerleading. Congrats to all of the teams represented, a very nice job by everyone involved.

Cheer Athletics - CheetahsPhotography by Roman Polychenko.

Congratulations to The 2015 MAJORS Champions!
Large Coed – Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
Medium Coed – Spirit of Texas Purple Royalty
Senior All-Girl – World Cup Shooting Stars
Fan Favorite – Spirit of Texas Purple Royalty

Check out our photo gallery from the event.

The MAJORS is an invitation only event for Level 5 Senior Teams that are selected based on results from “major” competitions held over the last three years while also looking at the overall historical success of each program.

The MAJORS is and always will be the world’s most selective competition and we take much pride in that. However, the experience that the athletes, coaches, and spectators receive both before MAJORS weekend and at the event is what we take the most pride in. This event truly is a prime example of what The JAM Brands is all about: everything we do, we want it to be 110%, says Chad Lemon, Director of Brand Development at The JAM Brands.”

Nine programs represented the talent at the The MAJORS 2015 and include:

Cheer Athletics >> Large Coed Cheetahs & Senior All-Girl Panthers
Cheer Extreme >> Large Coed Coed Elite & Senior All-Girl Senior Elite
Fire and Ice >> Senior All-Girl 5 Alarm
Maryland Twisters >> Medium Coed Reign & Senior All-Girl F5
Spirit of Texas >> Medium Coed Purple Royalty
The Stingray All Stars >> Large Coed Steel & Senior All-Girl Orange
Twist & Shout >> Medium Coed Obsession
World Cup >> Senior All-Girl Shooting Stars
Cheer Sport Sharks >> Guest Performance Great Whites

This is the first year for Cheer Sport Great Whites and Fire and Ice, who made it in by becoming JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals Grand Champions last year, as well as The Stingray All Stars, Spirit of Texas and Twist & Shout.

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