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Petition Started Urging Change to Varsity Scoring System

Petition Started Urging Change to Varsity Scoring System

All Star Gym Owners and Coaches are uniting with a petition on to implement immediate change to the Varsity Brands All Star Scoring System.  Lark Wood of Fierce Connection is heading the charge and has already garnered nearly 500 signatures since yesterday evening. We caught up with the owner of Fierce Connection and he shared his thoughts with us, “I’m not saying comparative scoring can’t work, I am saying that it isn’t working under these conditions.” says Lark Wood.  The petition is urging the decision makers to take another look at the comparative scoring system and possibly move more towards a rubric system as seen at events in the past. Click here to view the petition on

I’m not saying comparative scoring can’t work, I am saying that it isn’t working under these conditions.”
– Lark Wood of Fierce Connection

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Earlier today, James Speed, head coach of the University of Louisville and Owner of GymTyme All Stars expressed his concern over the scoring system on the ASGA Facebook Page:

I am writing this to ask coaches to express their opinion of the new scoring system. I am concerned that instead of moving “Worlds” toward a more universally understood and objective scoring system we have moved the various National Competitions backwards.

If you buy into the fact that all-star gyms exist to compete then integrity in the scoring process is critical in protecting the longevity of the industry itself. Coaches will no longer be teachers but will become politicians lobbying for their teams and their gyms. We all know that success equates to prosperity and that means that our livelihood and businesses that we have worked so hard to build will now be surrounded by cloud of mystery. The perception of impropriety will always hang over us all and we will revert back to the days of feeling the need to know the right people and worrying more about being liked than being good.”
– James Speed on ASGA

Coaches and Gym Owners: What are your thoughts on the current scoring system implemented this season?

Many of you have had the opportunity to test it over the past few months and get a real feel for the new unified system from Varsity All Star and The JAM Brands. How do you feel about the difference between the unified scoresheet over the universal scoresheet from the USASF? We would love for you to sound out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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