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Team USA Cheer – National Coed Selections

Team USA Cheer – National Coed Selections

The USA Cheer National Coed Team is comprised of the most talented female and male cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union (ICU) World Cheerleading Championship each year in April.

ICU - Cheer Worlds Team USA

Coaches for the 2015 Team are LeRoy McCullough and Christa Grizzle.

Congratulations to the following people who made the 2015 National Team USA Cheer Coed Team!

Ashleigh Lamb
Cassidy Drysdale
Chelsea Chism
Jackie Lopez
Jasmine Darnell
Julia Oliva
Juliet McCreary
Kaile Bodey
Michaela Riley
Mistie Murphy
Morgan Withrow
Sara Baty
Sharity Stazer

Ben Ingallina
Ben Schrieber
Benji Marshall
Chris Etheridge
Dylan Smith
Gary Rapp
John Stuart
Jordan Olson
Josh Glidden
Kailan Jones
Martin Perrin
Mike McAbee
Mitchell Smith
Patrick Miller
Tanner Lyday
Travis Mukina
Trey Forsyth
Tucker Hunter
Vontae Johnson

ICU World Championship History

2014 Coed Premier – Gold
2014 Coed Partner Stunt – Silver
2013 Coed Premier – Gold
2013 Coed Partner Stunt – Bronze
2012 Coed Premier – Gold
2012 Coed Partner Stunt – Gold
2011 Coed Premier – Gold
2011 Coed Partner Stunt – Silver
2010 Coed Premier – Gold
2009 Coed Premier – Gold
2009 Coed Partner Stunt – Gold

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Shane Womack is the founder and owner of Cheer Media, the parent company of Cheer! magazine and Shane was an all star and high school cheerleader before becoming a collegiate cheerleader with Louisiana State University where he earned his degree in Business Marketing. Shane is also an elected member of the USASF National Advisory Board.


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