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Tampa Bay Bucs reportedly settle lawsuit over cheerleaders’ low pay

Tampa Bay Bucs reportedly settle lawsuit over cheerleaders’ low pay

There is a handful of people nation-wide that assume when you are an NFL cheerleader you are making a decent living.

Boy, are there wrong.



Most NFL cheerleaders earn an average of $75-$100 per home game, but work many more unpaid hours making guest appearances, running cheerleading clinics, visiting charity events, team practices, and more.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Manouchcar Pierre-Val went up against the Bucs with an unfair labor lawsuit last year, and has finally reached a settlement.


The Tampa Bay Times reported on Friday night that the Bucs have agreed to pay up to $825,000 to settle the lawsuit.

The settlement, which was signed by Bucs chief operating officer Brian Ford on Feb. 26, was filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Tampa, waiting to be approved by a judge.

The Bucs continue to deny that the organization owed the women back pay, but decided to settle after “many rounds of negotiations,” according to court documents.

“If you work for someone, you deserve to be compensated for the work,” Pierre-Val said.

Two other women joined the suit with Pierre-Val, and a total of 94 cheerleaders are eligible to claim a piece of this settlement. After attorney fees and costs are deducted, each woman will be able to earn about $3,445 for up to five seasons. Any money left unclaimed will revert to the Bucs organization.

This is not the first time an NFL cheerleader has spoken out about their shockingly low wages. The Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets have all filled similar lawsuits.

“I’m glad that I stuck to my guns and now the girls including myself will be compensated for at least some of the time given to the Bucs organization,” Pierre-Val said.

What do you think about NFL cheerleaders’ pay? Do you think they deserve to be paid a higher compensation? Let us know!



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