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The Champions League 2 is here!

The Champions League 2 is here!
nfinity CL

Source: Nfinity Athletic

We are just ONE day away from the second annual Champions League! This red carpet event is held in the heart of California, Los Angeles, from March 20 – 22.

“Each team in The Champions League selects a charity of their choice that is designated throughout the competitive season.  Money is raised for those charities throughout the season with the GRAND CHAMPION of The Champions League taking home $10,000 for their charity and the remaining All Girl and Coed Champions receiving a $5,000 prize for their cause.”

This year’s League is made up of 22 teams:

  • Brandon All Stars
    Senior Black – Small Coed 5
  • California All Stars
    Smoed – Small Coed 5
    Black Ops – Medium Coed 5
    Lady Bullets – Small Senior 5
    Coed – Large Coed 5
    ACES – Medium Senior 5
  • Cheer Athletics
    Panthers – Large Senior 5
  • Cheer Extreme
    Senior Elite – Large Senior 5
    Coed Elite – Large Coed 5
    Small Senior X – Small Senior 5
  • East Celebrity Elite
    C5 – Medium Coed 5
  • GymTyme All Stars
    Platinum – Medium Coed 5
  • ICE All Stars
    Lady Lightning – Small Senior 5
  • Maryland Twisters
    F5 – Large Senior 5
    Reign – Medium Coed 5
  • Stingray All Stars
    Peach – Medium Senior 5
  • Top Gun
    Large Coed – Large Coed 5
  • Twist & Shout
    Obsession – Medium Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite
    Generals – Small Senior 5
  • World Cup
    Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5
    Odyssey – Medium Coed 5
    Suns – Small Senior 5


Friday morning kicks off with the League practice rounds, followed by the Red Carpet Arrival and Prom!

Cheer Media is so excited to bring you a LIVE STREAM of this year’s Red Carpet event! With the help of event sponsor Nfinity Athletic, event producer Aloha Productions, and photography partner RT productions, full coverage of this event will be available for FREE! The link to the stream will be


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Saturday morning begins with the Level 1-5R and International Competition, followed by the Level 5 Play-in Competition! There are 8 spots available for Level 5 teams to “play in” to the League.

Following the Level 5 Play-In Competition, the doors will open at 6 pm for The Show: The Champions League Level 5 Event! Sunday will finish with Day 2 of the Level 1-5R and International Competition.

There are just 14 days left until the #CheerNightOut to watch The Champions League 2 Movie! You can click here to purchase tickets at a theater near you!

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