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Going for Gold: Preview The Cheerleading Worlds

Going for Gold: Preview The Cheerleading Worlds


By: Cheri Jensen & Shane Womack

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” – Bobby Knight

It is often considered the Olympic Games of All Star Cheerleading. The main event. The pinnacle of the sport. Athletes spanning the globe will compete at the prestigious USASF Cheerleading and Dance Worlds championships slated for April 25-27 at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports venue in Orlando, Fla.

The event began in 2004 and has grown each year since. This year, approximately 10,000 All Star Cheerleaders from more than 40 countries are packing their bags and putting final touches on routines at practice to converge on Mickey Mouse’s place to give their all in the exciting sport of All Star cheerleading. Each year, the stakes get higher as elite athletes in 10 different divisions jump higher, perform faster eight counts, dance choreography, as well as stunt harder and tumble with awe and inspiration – jam packed within 2 and a half minutes. The maximum time for the sport at this level.

Cheer! Magazine takes a sneak peek at which team is most likely (and you can never REALLY know) to take home a set of team rings at the 2015 Cheerleading Worlds.



ON THE PODIUM: Defending champions ICE Lady Lightning is aiming to strike gold again in Orlando. The west coast has something to cheer about in this division as well. Multi-Worlds champions and silver medalists, the California All Stars Lady Bullets, are using their innovative choreography and creative pyramid skills to garner top marks by judges. Cheer Extreme’s SSX is always going for the top spot and won their division at this year’s Nfinity Champions League. Woodlands Elite Generals won NCA All Star this year and will definitely be vying for the top spot.

CONTENDERS: Be sure to keep an eye on these teams who can easily get top spot: Green Bay Elite, Brandon Senior White, Georgia Heat, Twister All Stars Gold, and Cheers & More Respect.



ON THE PODIUM: You can’t mention this Worlds division and not think of the impressive list of victories for the California All Stars SMOED. They should be a contender for the top spot again for 2015. They are coming off a great performance earlier this month at the American Championships. Brandon All Stars Senior Black is on fire this year and was champion at this year’s CHEERSPORT, NCA and UCA Championships. They received an impressive 99.13 this year at NCA. Social media enthusiasts have been boasting about Brandon’s synchronization and thrilling tumbling skills and stunts. Prodigy All Stars Midnight is getting better and better this season and will be ready to shine at Worlds. Louisiana Cheer Force can make it to the top as well. They were third at last year’s Worlds and also finished in the Top 3 of the division at the Nfinity Champions League.

CONTENDERS: Giving Brandon and SMOED some competition are Woodlands Elite and ACE, with consistently strong performances all season. Other contenders include Rockstar Cheer The Beatles. CheerForce, KC Cheer, ACE, Pacific Coast Magic Mysterious, Twist & Shout and ICE.


ON THE PODIUM: The Stingray All Stars Peach are the current darlings in this division, gaining in crowd popularity as well as well-deserved high scores this season. They are coming off several big wins, including CHEERSPORT, Champions League, UCA and NCA Nationals. Don’t count out Top Gun Lady Jags, who have been on a roller coaster ride this year, but ready to bring it at Worlds. Last year, they were in fourth place going into the final day of competition at Worlds. They executed a near-perfect routine on the second day and won – proving that top athletes should never give up.

CONTENDERS: The list is full of potential winners, including Spirit of Texas A Team, who received second last year at Worlds. FAME Super Seniors, California All Stars Aces and South Jersey Storm, Cheer Extreme Lady Elite and East Celebrity Elite.



ON THE PODIUM: The team to look out for in this division is Twist and Shout Obsession, who won Worlds last year and NCA this year. Spirit of Texas Purple Royalty, a fan favorite, was the first team at The MAJORS to receive zero deductions. The California All Stars Black Ops (winners in 2013), and Maryland Twisters are strong contenders for top spot this year as well.

CONTENDERS: Also going full out for the gold medals are GymTyme Platinum, Woodlands Elite Black Ops, CheerForce Blackout, World Cup Odyssey (coming off a tough finish at NCA, but ready to do it in Orlando), East Celebrity Elite C5, Cheer Athletics Junglecats and South Elite Diamonds (who won UCA this year).


ON THE PODIUM: It was all about Stingrays Orange last year and their list of accomplishments is continuing this season. They will be ready to go to defend their title. Vying to take the top spot as well is Maryland Twisters F5 and 2013 winner Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, who recently won Level 5 Champion at Champions League.

CONTENDERS: World Cup Shooting Stars can also take the top prize with consistent performances all season. They won their division at this year’s MAJORS as well as CHEERSPORT Nationals. NCA winner Cheer Athletics Panthers will be right there as well, battling it out for the title.



ON THE PODIUM: This division is always ready to fight it out, and it is known for highly competitive and talented teams. A clear contender is defending Worlds and NCA champion Top Gun, who always has innovative and crowd-pleasing routines. The Cheer Athletics Cheetahs won their division at The MAJORS and are ready to go for it in Orlando.

CONTENDERS: Other teams who can take a top spot are ACE, Spirit Athletics, 2014 silver medalists Cali Coed, Stingrays Steel and Cheer Extreme. Also keeping an eye on the prize are Spirit Athletics, ACE and FAME Vengeance.


ON THE PODIUM: The teams to beat in this division are defending Worlds champions Cheer Sport Sharks, who won at NCA this year, and the Vancouver Ice Queens, who received a second place trophy at NCA. Other teams to look out for are the top finishers at CHEERSPORT nationals this year: FCA Gems, Maryland Twisters, Cheer Extreme Cougars, Top Gun All Stars 24K and Tri-Athletics.

CONTENDERS: Also going for the gold this season Cheer Athletics FierceKatz, California All Stars Sparkle, CheerForce and Pacific Coast Magic Majesty.



ON THE PODIUM: For a really great show and crowd pleaser, make sure you scream and shout for those in this division. Multi-Worlds winner Cheer Athletics Wildcats will be back at it again. Spirit of Texas, silver medalists in this division at Worlds last year, is coming off a solid win at CHEERSPORT. Also keep an eye out for CheerForce Nfinity, winners at the 2015 NCA championships in this division.

CONTENDERS: There’s a lot of talent at the IOC5 level, so keep your eyes on GymTyme Blink, Top Gun 005, Stingray Electric and Rockstar Rolling Stones, Louisiana Cheer Force Onyx and Macs Allstar Cheer.


ON THE PODIUM: This division offers a variety of choreography and techniques from all over the globe. Vancouver should be strongly represented as well as European teams, and, of course, a strong contingent of elite athletes from the United States.

CONTENDERS: Cheer Athletics Ladykatz won 2014 Worlds and NCA this year. They are set to make a strong run for it again this year. Keeping up with the Katz are GymTyme, California All Stars and Vancouver’s Blackout.



ON THE PODIUM: Wow! The crowds were mesmerized the intricate tumbling and stunt skills by 2014 Worlds winner Bangkok University. The team’s unique choreography and “Cirque-type” performance will hopefully return and be the team to beat in IOC6. Champion Cheer Phoenix (who won at NCA this year), Pacific Coast Magic Resurrection (who got third at NCA this year) will have their game faces on and ready to rock it in Orlando.

CONTENDERS: Other teams going for the gold are Cheer Athletics Claw 6, GymTyme Chrome and OC All Stars.

We all know that to be successful at the World Championship, you really have to give your all, focus and work towards hitting two near-perfect routines. Cheer! Magazine will be on the scene and we can’t wait to see who will make it to finals, all of the fun trends for the end of the season and of course to see all of you on the mat!

See you at Worlds!


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