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Which Uniforms Will Stand Out at Worlds?

Which Uniforms Will Stand Out at Worlds?

The Cheerleading Worlds – where you’ll pass by teams from all over the world, which ones will stand out? Each team has its own unique look, and uniforms are a vital piece of what makes up the overall image and brand you capture.

RSD_4010a-CDCoco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Walking through the Wide World of Sports at Cheerleading Worlds, it used to feel like all the uniforms blended together and were essentially the same; but in recent years, programs with bold and trendsetting ideas have broken the mold by collaborating with custom uniform designers like Rebel Athletic based in Dallas, TX; revolutionizing the standard of what an allstar cheerleading uniform looks like.

Rebel Athletic is infamously known for designing the game-changing 2013 Cheer Athletics Panthers one-piece uniform featuring an illusion material, fleshtone lycra, covered in micro-crystals and a full-body applique of a panther, debuted at Worlds. Love it or hate it – this uniform turned heads and dominated social media feeds that year.   At Worlds 2014, Georgia Allstars hit the floor in a Las Vegas-inspired costume with a solid crystal collar – now one of the hottest trends in uniform designs! Shaking up the game by eliminating a traditionally-shown front team logo, the Georgia Allstars uniform showcased their team logo in solid crystals on the back, and covered the uniform in swirled crystal molds from top to bottom. Those Rebel Athletic uniforms shined bright under the lights of the Worlds stage.

We always have the inside scoop on the not-to-be-missed uniforms debuting at the 2015 Cheerleading Worlds, in case you were curious. The Cheer Athletics Cheetahs have collaborated with Rebel Athletic once again to make a big impact with their uniform this year – ready to take home a Worlds ring, and do it in style. Go follow @RebelAthletic for sneak peeks and exclusive photos during Worlds weekend!

Also! Rumors are circulating that the famous 2013 Panthers one-piece uniform could be making its way back into rotation with the Cheer Athletics organization. What team will be wearing it this year? We can’t wait to find out!

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