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Cheer Makeup: You're doing it wrong!

Cheer Makeup: You're doing it wrong!

By: Nicole Khayat 

With makeup getting smarter by the day, it’s no surprise the tips and tricks for the best ways to apply it are, too. If I had a dollar for every new “expert” I came across on a daily basis; well, I wouldn’t need to sell makeup anymore!  Don’t get me wrong; I fully support creating and honoring the vision you have for your brand, but some things need to be left to the professionals.  Here is my list of common mistakes I see programs making and exactly how to remedy them.

Mistake #1:  Matchy Matchy is Tacky Tacky.

Please repeat after me, “Just because my team colors are Orange, Black, Hot Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow, does not mean I need to wear all of those colors on my eyes.”  I understand you have a specific vision for your brand; however, some visions just need to be curbed.  I can only speak for Fancy Face Cosmetics, but we have a team of highly trained, professional makeup artists that devote their days solely to designing looks for programs that are complementary to their uniform and vision for their brand.  Point?  Use the professionals in the makeup space the same way you use the professionals in the choreography space.  We’re all here to make your job easier!

Mistake #2:  I don’t require makeup.

Ummm, why?  Huge mistake…HUGE.  You’re right; makeup doesn’t win or lose the competition, but it does create a greater sense of uniformity within your program.  You pay attention to the team that walks in to a competition perfectly put together, right?  Sometimes it’s hard not to ask yourself; “If they look like that off the floor, what are they going to look like on the floor?”  Let’s also keep in mind that judges sit far away, it’s important to highlight the facial features of your athletes, so the judges can see them.

Mistake #3:  I just tell my parents to go to Target and get a color that matches our uniform. 

I cannot stress this enough: drug store makeup brands are not designed for performance.  They are designed for mass-market sales.  There are companies that specialize in performance cosmetics; what sense does it make to utilize anyone that doesn’t?

Mistake #4:  Sharing is not always caring.

I mean, conjunctivitis sounds really fun and all, but it’s probably pretty difficult to go full out at practice if half your team is out sick.  The damp mucous membrane of your eye is like a VIP entrance for bacteria.  It just doesn’t have the same layers of protection that skin does, making transmission easy for infections.

Mistake #5:  Not keeping up with the trends.

Make sure that you’re on point with trends both on and off of the mat. It could be crucial for your look at comp day.

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