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Making An Impact

Making An Impact
Tim O'Brien (left) and his son Brady O'Brien (right) as they make their journey to deliver a computer lab in Cambodia.

Tim O’Brien (left) and his son Brady O’Brien (right) as they make their journey to deliver a computer lab in Cambodia.

I wanted to share this story and give incredible kudos to our friends at RT Productions. We’ve followed their journey over the past week as they’ve traveled to Cambodia to deliver a computer lab to a small orphanage in Battambang, Cambodia with his son Brady.  RT Productions has been a friend and partner for many years and it’s been an amazing journey to watch them grow over the years as a company within the cheerleading industry. RT Productions is a full service videography, photography, programming, and design company from Modesto, California.

Often times, we forget how valuable technology is or how easily accessible it is in the U.S. It can be a huge learning tool for kids. If you have extra electronics consider donating them to your local charity. You never know how you could change a life!

Chances are, you’ve touched one of the laptops from RT Productions that are now providing an invaluable education to kids in Cambodia. RT Productions can be seen at events across the country from GSSA, Aloha Productions, USA to The U.S. Finals.

It’s so great to see companies within our industry giving back in such a big way. If you don’t mind, show some support and give them a huge shoutout on Twitter or Facebook.

Help support the Cambodia Orphanage Computer Lab Project here.

Check out some of the posts along their journey:


The computer lab is just about finished being set up. Half the kids are learning English on Rosetta Stone the rest are using PuttPutt to learn counting and problem solving.

Posted by Cambodia Impact on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Drone footage from the Antioch Orphanage:

Kids in Cambodia embracing the power of Rosetta Stone:



And now Rosetta is making her speak English. These kids have very limited English and should learn quickly with this system.

Posted by Tim OBrien on Sunday, August 2, 2015

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