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Gone Too Soon: CA's Nick Capehart

Gone Too Soon: CA's Nick Capehart


We are deeply saddened to report the loss of a Cheer Athletics team member, Nick Capehart. He was a member of the Cheer Athletics Junglecats and had been reported missing since Sunday morning. He lost his life in a car accident about three miles from his home. His family says he was on the way to cheer practice at Cheer Athletics in Plano.

Join in to support Cheer Athletics & Nick’s family by wearing red to practices in honor of Nick.

Deputies say they found Capehart’s car early Tuesday morning off of Hwy 121 just south of Trenton, and they say his body was inside. “He had lost control of his vehicle for some reason, and ran off the east side of the ditch, and rode into a group of trees,” said DPS Trooper Mark Tackett.

Officials say Capehart was headed southbound on Hwy 121 when he crashed.

The cause is still being investigated.

Brad Habermel, Co-Owner of Cheer Athletics posted this statement to his Facebook page. “Today, we received news at Cheer Athletics we had never received in the 20+ years of being a place for kids. We have never had an athlete pass away while on a team at CA. I am heartbroken. We lost a family member in Nick Capehart who was a member of our Junglecats team. He was a great athlete who loved being in the gym and always had a smile on his face. He was willing to help out at a moments notice and was a great teammate to his brothers and sisters on Junglecats. I pray for his family at home and his family at CA. He will be missed greatly. We will definitely be honoring his life with a memorial service at CA. Life is precious and this is a punch in the face at how true that statement is.”

Funeral services as well as a vigil in Nick’s honor are being arranged and we will provide information as it becomes available.

A candlelight vigil service will take place at 9 p.m. at the Warrior Football Stadium in Bonham. Anyone wishing to contribute to Nick’s family during this time is encouraged to contact the Cheer Athletics Business Office at 972-275-6781.

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