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USASF releases 2015-17 Cheer Rules

USASF releases 2015-17 Cheer Rules

The USASF Cheer Rules & Glossary for the 2015-17 rules cycle are available online now. Follow the link to view and download:

USASF 2015-17 Cheer Rules & Glossary

Notable Changes include:

  • GENERAL SAFETY: Point Deduction will begin at 2:31 for any routines over time limit after 2:31.9.
  • LEVELS 1-5: Single base or assisted single base EXTENDED stunts are not allowed in Youth divisions.
  • LEVEL 6 PYRAMIDS: One arm extended Paper Dolls require a spotter for each top person.
  • IMAGE POLICY: APPROPRIATE UNIFORM goes into effect with the 2015‐2016 season.

    No risqué, sexually provocative or lingerie looking or inspired uniform or garments allowed. All uniform pieces should adequately cover an athlete and must be secured to eliminate any possible wardrobe malfunction. Appropriate undergarments must be worn. In addition to the below specific guidelines, athletes must also consider that a combination of uniform pieces may also deem a uniform appropriate or inappropriate. ALL garments must properly cover the athlete and the athlete’s undergarments during the routine.

    When a skirt is worn as part of the uniform, briefs under the skirt are required. The skirt must fully cover the hips. The skirt must completely cover the briefs and must fall at least 1 inch below briefs (regular and boy cut briefs). When shorts are worn as part of the uniform, there must be a minimum of a 2” inseam.

    Uniform tops may not include an exposed midriff (crop top) except when worn by athletes competing in Senior divisions. Uniform tops must be secured by straps or material over at least one shoulder or around the neck (tube tops are not allowed). Judges reserve the right to assess warnings and/or deductions when a team’s choreography, uniform, make up, bows etc. do not meet the standards of ‘appropriate’ as described in this policy.

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