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Upping Your Selfie Game

Upping Your Selfie Game

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.55.15 PMThe Cheer! Magazine staff sat down with NYC-based Fashion Stylists & Bloggers, Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin, better known as the WanderLust Girls to get the low-down on staying on top of your selfie game.

Check out more on The Wanderlust Girls and upping your selfie game in the Pink Issue from October 2015.

Cheer Mag: Emily & Abigail – thanks so much for taking time out of your wanderlusting gypsy jetset life to sit down with us! We hear one of you has cheer roots. Tell us about that!  If one of you was a captain, we might die…

Abigail: You’re very welcome! Cheerleading happens to be near and dear to our hearts. Emily was Cheer Captain. I ran track, but I did join the squad for one season. I’m so glad I did. I’m not kidding, when we meet someone new we show them our cheer dances. I think we’ll be doing them in our retirement home.

Cheer Mag: You ladies seem to be taking the fashion / styling / blogging world by storm. What’s your story?

Emily: We grew up together, and always shared our wardrobe. Going to different colleges took a toll on our closet, so we started our blog our senior year to keep up to date on any new shopping hauls. We moved to NYC right after graduating, and started getting hired to style lookbooks and campaigns. It’s really evolved since then.

Cheer Mag: It seems everyone these days is selfie-obsessed. Do you see it as a form of self expression or another fad that will become passé?

Abigail: I think it’s a great way to capture your personality. I often find my selfies are just as good as a professional photo because I know my angles and my face so well, and how I want to come across. Most of our selfies are of the two of us – so we jokingly call those “dufies!”

Cheer Mag: For now anyway, the “selfie game” seems to be on trend in social media – for individuals and even for big brands with a voice. Give us your top tips for “upping your selfie game”?

1) Hold your camera slightly above your head, so that you have to look up a little. This will make your face appear more slender, and reduce unfriendly shadows.

2) Wait until “magic hour” – the golden glow before sunset. Full daylight is usually too harsh.

3) Don’t always pose the same. Selfies are only fun if they’re fresh!

4) Use an app like “Facetune” to remove any unwanted blemishes.

5) Make it FUN! Silly faces welcome.

6) Avoid bathroom selfies. That’s just never a good idea.

7) Selfie with a cute animal! Who doesn’t love a cute dog or cat?

8) Snap a bunch at once. The more to choose from the better.

9) Include your friends! Dufies, and group selfies could lead to more followers.

10) Be filter savvy. Know which filters flatter your face. We’re big fans of “amaro.”

Cheer Mag: Many of our readers are in the process of figuring out what they will do “with the rest of their lives”… What words of wisdom do you have for those wanting to turn their passion into a career?

Emily: It’s not always easy finding the right path, but you don’t have to be in your dream job right away. Find something that works with your personality and talents, and network network network! Everything will have it’s value, and lead you to the right place.


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