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Rebel Athletic Announces the Launch of The Rebel Alliance

Rebel Athletic Announces the Launch of The Rebel Alliance

Rebel Athletic announces the launch of The Rebel Alliance, with membership open to event producers, apparel and accessory manufacturers, media companies and cheer gyms within the Allstar Cheerleading Industry.

What is the Rebel Alliance?

The Rebel Alliance is a group of like-minded, independent companies who are passionate about the future of All Star and Competitive Cheerleading. We believe that for the competitive cheerleading industry to continue to thrive, grow and be open to all, healthy competition is essential. Silicon Valley calls it coopetition. We call it the Rebel Alliance. A cooperation where we share ideas, beliefs and resources to collectively grow stronger and achieve increased competitive advantage for all.

As independent companies standing alone we can only achieve a certain level of visibility and influence. By joining the Rebel Alliance, together we create the mass and scale to generate true momentum, increase our sphere of influence and continue to build the sport we all love.

The Rebel Alliance Mission:

The mission to its members is to provide them with superior product, sourcing capabilities, supply chain access, distribution channels, marketing, and legal and financial support to help accelerate members on their path to reaching their fullest potential.

The mission to the industry is to provide a level of service, experience, product and pricing that exceeds the industry’s expectations at every turn – providing the essential choice, quality and fair competition that allows everyone, large and small, to compete on a level playing field. We are committed to the principles of excellence, integrity, transparency, cooperation and support.

How Do You Join The Rebel Alliance?

Rebel Athletic will initially fund the Rebel Alliance. We welcome the Independent Event Producers (IEP), consisting of over 30 independent event production companies, as the Inaugural Members of the Alliance. The Alliance will begin extending membership invitations now through end of 2015. Members consist of event, apparel, accessory and media companies, as well as Allstar gyms and other vendors operating within the Allstar Cheerleading industry.

For more information on the Rebel Alliance or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Angela Robbins Hull at [email protected]

For press inquiries, contact Abby Hoeffner at [email protected]


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