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15 Things Every Cheerleader Should Know

15 Things Every Cheerleader Should Know

Cheer is so much more than people think – it’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever be a part of!

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If you aren’t a cheerleader, competitions can be pretty overwhelming. If you are…they’re still pretty crazy. But it’s worth it!

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Cheerleading isn’t about your looks. It’s about your skill level. Makeup can’t make a routine come together!

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That being said…hairspray will save your life. Hope your parents bought stock in it!

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Rhythm and volume are important, but dance skills are key.

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Cheerleading IS a sport! I’d like to see other people do this….

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Or this

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Cheer is hard work and pushing through lots of pain – but we never give up!

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The feeling you get from perfecting a routine is the best feeling in the world.

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Either that, or post-competition pizza.

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The tricks you work the hardest for will be the most fun to throw (but listen to your coaches if they say you need to “build up to it”).

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Some of your best friends will be made through cheer. When you do what you love with people you love, you’ll always be happy!

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Cheerleading is a way of life – welcome to the family!

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It will never leave you…no matter how far away you go.

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And no matter how crazy it all can be, you’ll always be a cheerleader at heart.

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