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Get The Perfect Competition Pony!

Get The Perfect Competition Pony!

All Star Cheerleader, Talin Galloway, shows off the perfect curled competition ponytail in this step-by-step hair tutorial.

The first step in creating our Rebel Level Competition Pony is to begin by separating out all the hair to make curling easier.

Curl the locks around a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, clipping as you go so they stay nice and tight. Even though this is time intensive, this is an important step in creating the perfect competition pony.

Once the hair is completely curled, undo all of the clips on the sections of hair. You now have your curled hair ready to be put up in your competition pony.

To create the perfect pouf, section the hair all the way back to the crown. On girls with full hair, it’s not necessary to back comb, which can also cause damage.

Simply twist and pin the hair so that it creates about a 3 inch on top of the head. Using a light gel product, apply to the temples and slick back so that it will stay in place.

Now you are ready to put up your pony. Swoop up the hair and position the ponytail so it follows the lines of the cheekbones and is centered on the back of the head.

From there, position the pony about two inches up for that perfect high ponytail look. Be sure you smooth as you go because once the ponytail is in place it’s very difficult to smooth the hair without causing flyaways.

Attach your bow, spritz with hairspray and adjust the pouf with the end of a rattail brush.

Now, you have the perfect curled Rebel Level Competition Look!


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