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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s pretty easy to say “a new year, a new me” each January 1st, and everyone has things we can or want to improve on from skills, fitness, and weight loss to budgeting and improving on relationships. However, we often forget or give up on these New Year’s resolutions within the first few weeks.

So how can we stick to our 2016 goals?

Stay Realistic

We all want to save so much money and lose or gain weight/muscle. Of course, having specific goals are good, maybe being realistic by not putting numbers to it. Try saying “I’ll put 15% of each paycheck into my savings account.” Instead of “I want to save $5,000.”

Small Steps

The saying ‘go big or go home’ is great, but in reality we are usually setting ourselves up for failure. Start small and progressively be more aggressive with your goal.

If your goal is to lose weight, it can hurt you to go big in the first week. If you’re not used to a heavy grain diet and you completely cut them out of your routine, your cravings are going to be worse.

If your goal is training for a marathon, you shouldn’t expect to go from out of shape to running 10 miles very quickly. If you overwhelm yourself the first week, you’re not going to want to keep going the second week. It’s all about taking it one day at a time!

Tell Your Friends

This will keep you accountable. If you tell your friends that you’re going to quit soft drinks, people will call you out if they see you with a bottle of that sugary substance. The more of your friends and family that know about your goals, the more people there are to help you. This can be a huge help if you really want to make a change.

Track Your Goals

Show your progressions on your social media. Don’t be afraid to post some updates — you could even motivate others to follow in your footsteps!

Try to keep your updates to no more than weekly, talk about the struggles and your happy moments. If you hit a bump in the road, it’s okay because you’ll get passed it as long as you’re dedicated to self-improvement.

Get Support

With all your friends and family aware of your resolution, it’s great to have someone to lean on. Even better, find someone that wants to reach a similar goal as you. Find someone else that wants to travel the world and look to each other for support. They’ll understand that it’s hard when life throws you curve balls and it’s someone to vent to.

Besides friends, there are tons of apps out there to help you out with tips on how to achieve specific goals while also tracking them. There’s no shame in seeking help, whether from your parents or professionally. Do what you need to do to get your life where you want it.

Patience is a Virtue

Nothing comes easy. You have to be patient. You can’t expect things to just happen. You have to remain dedicated. If you’re not going to put in the work, you’re not going to see the results.

And, sometimes life isn’t fair. You can work hard and not see results or life can throw curve balls at you, but be patient and know that you just have to keep going.

So what, you didn’t throw that skill you wanted this week. Be patient. You’ll be throwing that skill and more in no time. You can’t give up when life gets hard, just like you can’t give up when you have a misstep in your resolution.

Be Selfish

This will most likely be one of the hardest for some people to do, while for others it can be the easiest. If you’re dedicated to achieving your goals, you will have to put yourself first — above your social life, above other people’s needs. Now that’s not to say you should put it as top priority, but it should definitely be up there.

If you really want to achieve it, you have to sacrifice. Others will understand as long as you make it clear why you are or aren’t doing something; make it clear that you’re just trying to better yourself.

If people can’t support you or give you issues, maybe you should change your New Year’s resolution to finding more supportive and understanding friends.

Here’s to a great new year!

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