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Nfinity Partners with VERT to Bring The Dawn of Cheerleading’s Tech Revolution

Nfinity Partners with VERT to Bring The Dawn of Cheerleading’s Tech Revolution

Wearable athletic tech company, VERT, partners with leading athletic footwear and apparel brand, Nfinity, to develop exclusive cheerleading analytics using new G-VERT Intensity Measurement Tech to revolutionize training in the sport of cheerleading.

VERT, a leader in wearable athletic tech, announces its exclusive partnership with Nfinity Athletic, the High-Performance Cheerleading Brand. With this partnership, VERT will provide Nfinity cheerleading analytics for clubs and users along with a social “cheer” app for fan and athlete engagement. In addition, VERT and Nfinity will work together to develop specific cheerleading-related measurements to help improve athlete performance.

“We are thrilled to align ourselves with the most prominent brand in cheerleading,” said Martin Matak, founder and president of VERT. “A large part of cheerleading is gymnastics-like tumbling, jumps and stunts. To this, VERT has added the ability to measure their athleticism with real-time measurements.”

With the official launch of G-VERT in summer 2016, Nfinity athletes will have the ability to use the non-invasive and discrete inertial measurement unit (IMU) to track numerous athletic measurements.

These specific measurements include the peak acceleration of every movement, measured in G-forces, providing real-time exertion and stress data. The G-VERT technology will combine existing jump measurement technology with new G-force measurements including total Gs, high and low intensity count, surges per minute, high peak acceleration (Gs), and average peak acceleration (Gs).

VERT’s partnership with Nfinity gives athletes the ability to use this intensity measurement device in conjunction with the uncompromising performance, style and comfortable product innovations that Nfinity is known for. Nfinity strives to address the unique biomechanical needs of the female athlete to enhance athletic performance and as a result, help reduce the risk of injury, a mission that aligns perfectly with VERT’s own mission.

“This partnership opens a new door within the world of competitive cheerleading and wearable tech,” said Tate Chalk of Nfinity Athletic. “Through this partnership with VERT, Nfinity’s brand will continue to strengthen its position as the High-Performance Cheerleading Brand. Nfinity will bring VERT to market through all of it’s B2B and B2C channels worldwide beginning fall of 2016”.

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., VERT is a leader in wearable athletic and broadcast technology focused on creating better experiences. VERT technology is used in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, track & field and many other health and fitness activities. VERT technology is currently used by the USA Volleyball National teams along with multiple NBA basketball teams and NCAA volleyball and basketball programs throughout the US. VERT recently made history as the first wearable technology produced on ESPN2 during the 2015 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship games using VERTcast. Through VERTcast, a wearable technology platform incorporating VERT technology, viewers were given the opportunity to experience student athleticism in real-time through live-screen and television newscast inclusion in the semi-final and championship games. For more information or to purchase VERT, visit

Nfinity Athletic Corporation is an Atlanta-based company, specializing in the unique biomechanical needs of the female athlete to enhance their athletic performance. As the world’s first and only brand with a core focus on designing and engineering lightweight, high-performance athletic footwear for female athletes, Nfinity’s continued goal is to strengthen its position in the sports of women’s basketball, cheer and volleyball. Nfinity Athletic Corporation has been recognized as an innovative and fast growing company with multiple ABA “Stevie” awards and repeat inclusion on the Inc. 500 list. Visit

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