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HOW TO: Become a Cheer Magazine Ambassador

HOW TO: Become a Cheer Magazine Ambassador

So, you want to be a Cheer! Magazine brand ambassador? We’ve had many people ask what we look for in a prestigious member of our #CheerSquad. While we can’t divulge all of our secrets, We’d love to share a few tips on how we feel that our brand chooses a brand ambassador.

A brand ambassador is like a bridge to the brand for the public, a cheerleader, and a positive presence online. These are things you can do to create a foundation to become a brand ambassador. Here’s five tips for you on the beginner’s guide to becoming a brand ambassador!

Apply to be a Cheer! Magazine Cheer Squad Member! Make sure you checkout our checklist below!

1. Be passionate

Talking about things that you truly love and are excited about translates loud and clear online. You love cheerleading and you live through information about the sport, which is one of the reasons that Cheer! Magazine is such a great fit for you. Brand ambassadorship needs to be a good, natural fit for the brand and you!


2. Be yourself

Originality is the hallmark of a fantastic brand ambassador. Stand out with your unique content and personality. Sure, it could be scary but it could also be very awesome. Go for awesome!


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3. Be consistent

Brands need a consistent and reliable presence online and as a brand ambassador, you can be part of that awesomeness. Talk about the things that you truly love and it may turn into something bigger.

One of the things to love about Cheer! Magazine is that we have a love to see all of the places you read and absorb our content whether it’s online here at, through our Digital App or even traveling to practice or comp with your latest issue of CM!


always reading my cheer magazines! #rebelmodelsearch #rebelmodel #squadgoals #cheersquad

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4. Avoid online drama

Ain’t nobody got time for that.



5. Build your online presence

Get excited to become a brand ambassador! Spend some time learning about the brand, what they are about, push charitable causes and encourage your friends to love the brand as much as you do!

If you’d like to be a brand ambassador for Cheer! Magazine, look at it as a BFF deal. If you build it, we could choose you as a lifelong BFF! Continue to build your social media presence and know that we are always watching.

Brands can be watching your actions for days, weeks, or even years on all social media platforms. Brands like CM want to work with the very best and you’ll need to stand out from the rest and follow through with your commitments. Being active means posting, commenting, and sharing. You’ll need to be able to create meaningful, interesting media through words, images, and video. We hope this guide to becoming a brand ambassador for Cheer! Magazine helps you conquer your dreams!

We want you! Don’t forget to apply for our #CheerSquad!

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CM’s Brand Ambassador Checklist

1. You MUST be a current Cheer! Magazine subscriber.
2. Complete our Online Application. **Hint: Don’t rush it. Treat any application just like you would a school paper. Grammar and spelling are important.
3. Take a photo with your favorite issue of Cheer! Magazine. Tell us why you like it, your favorite parts, and be creative! Use #SquadGoals and always tag CM! **Hint: Bathroom Selfies are not professional!
4. Tell your friends to apply.
5. Wait patiently and show us what you’re made of!

CM Cheer Squad Rules:

1. Make sure you’re age 10 and up!
2. Please do not call or email regarding ambassador opportunities. You will be notified if you are selected!
3. There is no limit or deadline to when you can apply. Express yourself and remember that we are watching and looking for the best!

Good Luck!


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