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Today's Cheerleaders Will Never Know…

Today's Cheerleaders Will Never Know…

As we progress into the 2016 – 2017 season, we see how much cheerleading has evolved over the years. But can you remember the last time you had to do a motion section? Or a verbal cheer in the middle of your routine? Or how about those lovely times when you could sit on green in what was once called the Milkhouse (HP Field House)? Here’s a little trip down memory lane we’d like to call #TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow

1. ACE Warriors 2003
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow the ACE country routine.
Most of you will know ACE Warriors as the 2011 World Champions in Semi-Limited coed amongst many other titles. But how could we ever forget the epic country themed routine, jam-packed with skills? And of course, that dance is so fun and visual with the tempo change.

2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 2010
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow the excitement the Milkhouse had when CEA took home their first gold globe.
Senior Elite 2010. I believe it goes without saying how influential this routine was and how it impacted the evolution of where we are today. AND MADDIE GARDNER’S BALL 360 TICK TOCK.

3. Georgia Allstars 2005
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how Jamie Parrish’s choreography changed the industry as we see it today.
“Dearly beloved, we are gather here today…..”
Its safe to say themed routines were all the rage over a decade ago (and still today) but how could ANYONE forget one of Georgia’s legendary routines. Amongst this one, if you’re curious, they also did a creative doctors/nurses theme.

4. Top Gun Unlimited Coed 2008
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow sitting on the green around the floor and being inches away from their favorite teams, such as Top Gun.
Where does one even begin with this routine? Should we start with Santwon’s 1.5 to split immediately into standing tumbling? The perfectly executed baskets? The extremely visual pyramid? Or the high school musical dance? Like their music said, they were definitely the undisputed champions of the world. I hope your cameras were rolling because you WILL watch this over and over again.

5. World Cup Shooting Stars 2008
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow the feeling of getting to celebrate after hitting a routine.
2008 was a fantastic year for this industry, especially for the ladies wearing black and gold. If you’ve been on social media recently, a video of this dance has resurfaced and circulated around and its obvious why. The transitions are seamless, the timing is impeccable, and their cleanliness is close to godliness.

6. California Allstars Lady Bullets 2011
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how we all felt when this was awarded silver.
It was only a matter of time before this would end up SOMEWHERE on our list. You could definitely sense they were a crowd favorite throughout the season and everyone was watching their every move to see what they were going to do next. I’m pretty sure that whenever Grenade comes on, you probably still mark the choreography. I WOULD GO THROUGH *slap clap* ALLLLLLLLLLLLL *body roll* THIS PAIIIIIIIIIN *snap*

7. Stingray Allstars Orange 2005
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow that this was Orange’s first World Champion routine.
Orange goes down in history as being one of the most consistent teams, with 8 golden globes in total…but this is where it all began. And if you pay attention, not much has changed. Their jumps, timing, and precision are still envied and strived for to this day.

8. Cheer Athletics Jags 2006
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow that this team started off as a J5 team.
Cheer Athletics is another one of those gyms that everyone looks up to and models themselves after and it’s easy to tell why. The attention to detail is what made this J5 gone Small Senior become victorious.

9. Gymtyme Small Coed 2005
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how ahead of it’s time Gymtyme was.
It’s no surprise Gymtyme would end up on this list being that Louisville is one of the few cheerleading meccas throughout the United States. Gymtyme is also one of the few leaders with 17 Worlds titles and countless collegiate national titles.

10. Kentucky Elite Cats 2010
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how shocked everyone was when KE went from Unlimited Coed into Small Coed.
Everyone was also shocked that they went on to win the Small Coed division that same season. This routine is so beautifully put together and the athletes make it look effortless. The stunt transitions and every flyer looking identical is what adds to their dynamic.

11. South Elite Diamonds 2012
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how impressive this stunt was for 2012.
We see teams trying to emulate stuff like this still today…and this was four years ago! So ahead of their time and so solid.

12. POWER Large Senior 2008
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how close they were to winning Large Senior in the throw down that was 2008.
This squad was also nicknamed “the dirty dozen” since they put up 12 stunts and very impressive that most of their corner passes ended in doubles! It doesn’t seem that difficult and out of reach now, but 8 years ago, that was almost unheard of.

13. Maryland Twisters F5 2009
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow the beginning of the uniform revolution.
As it mentions in the video, notice how the uniform is slightly different? F5 was one of the first teams to debut GK cheerleading uniforms, thus creating the comfort we have today. No more shell tops in scratchy polyester blended materials!

14. Brandon Senior Black 2012
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow how difficult that toe touch stunt was.
Brandon Senior Black is one of the leaders in stunt innovation and this was no change from that. Watching this live was one of the most impressive stunts we’ve seen executed with textbook technique.

15. Tennessee Pumas 2010
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow Tennessee Pumas, seeing as though they are no longer around.
Tennessee Pumas took the world by storm in 2009 with their Kyle Blitch mix and sassy routine, but today’s cheerleaders will never know how obsessed everyone was with them. Everyone, and I mean, just about EVERYONE posted videos of them trying to do their stunt, learn their dance, or just tried to emulate them in any way they could. As Kyle said in their music, the memory they left…will never die.

BONUS: Bangkok University 2011
#TodaysCheerleadersWillNeverKnow about the tie between Gymtyme and Bangkok.
Now, we tried to stay within the states…but this couldn’t NOT go on the list. I don’t think there has been a louder crowd or more support for an international team than this. They literally just toss and flip bodies every which direction. And for 2011, most of these skills hadn’t even been done yet.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down cheerleading memory lane and get a better feel for what has shaped our industry to be what we know and love today.

Contributed by Dustin Reed

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