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Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling and Cheer Media Announce New Partnership

Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling and Cheer Media Announce New Partnership

Cheer Media, the company behind Cheer! Magazine and is proud to announce an exclusive media partnership with Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling. The partnership continues to expand Cheer Media’s mission to deliver engaging and relevant coverage among its industry partners.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cheer! Magazine in promoting our unique platform featuring top-notch athletes in the sport of tricking and tumbling,” says Tommy Johnson, Co-Owner of Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling. “This fun, fresh take on tumbling competitions is an incredible opportunity for the athletes to showcase their skills and wow the audience!”

As an official marketing partner for Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling (XT&T), Cheer! Magazine will be on location at the XT&T’s Season Opener event and will expand support their shows and events throughout the summer as a part of the Cheer! Magazine Tour across the US, offering featured coverage of the company’s events across the U.S. to include Texas and North Carolina, with more dates to be announced.

XT&T’s Season Opener Event will take place at Cheer Athletics in Plano, TX, on Friday, June 17th, 2016. Tickets are available to this event at

“We are excited to work with Xtreme Tricking & Tumbling and their team as they expand their presence within our growing cheer market,” says Shane Womack, CEO and Founder of Cheer Media. “Tumbling is an integral part of the sport of cheerleading and we are excited to support an organization that spotlights some of the premiere tumbling athletes in the sport.”

X-Treme Tricking & Tumbling (XT&T) is a fresh and innovative take on the industries of elite tricking and tumbling. XT&T provides a platform for talented athletes from all over to come together and compete head to head, performing some of the most gravity-defying elements the sport has to offer. XT&T offers cash prizes at each of its events and the opportunity to become part of XT&T’s national team, which will continue to tour the U.S. XT&T was most recently featured on the hit show America’s Got Talent. For more information on XT&T visit


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