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Cheer Shoes: What You Need to Know

Cheer Shoes: What You Need to Know

With so many options in cheerleading, one has to wonder “What is the right shoe for me?” Each athlete looks for something different in their choice of shoes. Some look for ankle support. Others lean toward comfort and weight. Some are all about the aesthetic. We’ve selected a few and broke them down, hoping this will provide some general insight into shoe options and help you narrow down the best option for you as an athlete!

GK Fusion
Lightweight fabric with finger grips and a slender-body foot perfect for stunting. Hybrid sole that is flexible but durable at the same time. Special toe grip specifically for tumbling. All of these come together to give you that extra competitive edge.
Price: $79.99 // Shop them here.

Nfinity Defiance
Perfect for the game day cheerleader. Nfinity created their own special technology that increases rebounds on all matted surfaces. With a double, interlocking lacing system, you can rest assured that they’ll stay on tight. They weigh a total of 5.3 oz. Finger grooves on the sole for better control in stunting.
Price: $99.99 // Shop them here.


Nfinity Titan
Great for the athlete with weaker ankles. The revolutionary high top creates stability, while also being manufactured with a lightweight material, totaling to 6.3 oz. For a shoe that goes above the ankle, that’s incredibly light. Plus, who doesn’t love a good high top? (Also available in Black)
Price: $109.99 // Shop them here.


No Limit VRo
Designed by owner of Top Gun, Victor Rosario, with performance in mind. Special pocket for laces once they’re tied, to tuck in, so they don’t come untied or tangled up in fingers while stunting. Lightweight material coming in at 4.5 oz. These shoes are for indoor use only, so ideal for the All Star cheerleader.
Price: $79.99 // Shop them here.

Varsity Last Pass 2.0
With unique bubble laces, they are slip resistant guaranteed to not untie. Made with a breathable micro-fiber and bound with leather. Great for the game day cheerleader, or all star cheerleader. Extra absorption in the heel with (removable) arch supports.
Price: $87.00 // Shop them here. 


Varsity Vforce
Varsity does it again with their futuristic, breathable knit-blended mesh shoe (think Nike Fly-Knit). Extremely light and tight around the foot, with finger grips for bases along the edge of the sole. This is great for the athlete that likes to feel as though they’re cheering in a pair of their own socks, that’s how light they are.
Price: $95.00  // Shop them here.


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