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Cheer Tech Acquired by Spirit Spotlight

Cheer Tech Acquired by Spirit Spotlight

Wildwood, NJ, August 11, 2016 – Cheer Tech has been acquired by Spirit Spotlight National Championships, the company announced today. Michael Maiorano, along with partner Karen Brenner, of All Star One, will operate Cheer Tech’s flagship event under their new company Spirit Spotlight.


Cheer Tech is a USASF Tier 1 Event Producer which produces the Cheer Tech National Championships in Wildwood, NJ each December and awards bids to the Cheerleading World Championships.

“It has been a long time coming!” says the former Director and new Co-Owner of Spirit National Championships, Michael Maiorano.

Michael has 18 years in the coaching industry and 13 years in event production. An elite stunting and tumbling clinician, he has also helped developed scoring systems for other event producers as well as judging training curriculums.

Karen Brenner has been the heart and soul of her all star program for the past 15 years and has spent 15 years volunteering as a recreational cheer coach. Brenner has donated more than her own time to the sport as well, raising all of her children in this industry we all love.

“Sometimes you can pick your family, and we can’t wait to make everyone in the Northeast part of ours,” says Karen Brenner, Co-Owner, Spirit Spotlight National Championship.

Both partners have, in their own respects, taken part in shaping the landscape that is New Jersey’s All Star scene since its early stages in the 90s, to the powerhouse the region has become today.

One thing these two can appreciate is the balance it takes to keep gym owners, athletes and their parents happy, and you can be sure to expect nothing but an excellent experience when it’s your time to shine at a Spirit Spotlight production.

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