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The Large Senior Curse Lives On

The Large Senior Curse Lives On

For years, rumors have swirled around the cheer industry about a “Large Senior Curse” for the L5 Large Senior All Girl division.

The curse is fairly simple: “If you win NCA, you won’t win Worlds.”

After a very successful season of not only winning NCA, but taking the Varsity Triple Crown (winning CHEERSPORT, NCA and UCA All Star titles) this season, it looked as though Orange would be on track to take home the coveted win in this division at the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds.

The Orange Rays were going into Finals in third place, which isn’t uncommon for any team in this division to go in as an underdog on Day 1 and swoop in with a buzz worthy performance on Day 2. But, after a few stunt falls in finals, it was clear that the curse lived on for our Orange Rays.

World Cup Shooting Stars ended up on top as World Champion this season, but let’s be honest, it’s almost always a toss up in the Large Senior L5 division when these ladies put on a show. This Worlds Championship was one for the history books as we saw amazing performances from Senior Elite, Panthers, AND F5.

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Shane Womack

Shane Womack is the founder and owner of Cheer Media, the parent company of Cheer! magazine and Shane was an all star and high school cheerleader before becoming a collegiate cheerleader with Louisiana State University where he earned his degree in Business Marketing. Shane is also an elected member of the USASF National Advisory Board.


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