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Life After Cheer: 6 Ways to Make Cheer Your Career

Life After Cheer: 6 Ways to Make Cheer Your Career

You’ve cheered on the sideline, fallen in love with competitive cheer, cheered in college and graduation is around the corner. What’s next?

Not everyone can cheer forever, but there are many ways for you to stay involved in cheerleading. We’ve compiled a list of a few awesome jobs that you can score to become a professional in the cheerleading industry.

1. Apparel Representative

Are you a fashionista and want to work in the world of cheer fashion? Become an apparel rep for a clothing manufacturer in your area! There’s no better feeling than outfitting a team with the latest looks for the sideline or competition floor. Hey, look… Rebel Athletic is hiring!

2. Marketing Specialist

If you have a love for sales or marketing, a marketing specialist position could be perfect for you. A marketing specialist within the cheerleading industry is one of the most important jobs a brand can have. If you’re a vet at social media, hold a degree, marketing experience and love to travel, a job as a marketing guru would be a dream job for anyone with experience in cheerleading. It just so happens that awesome companies like Nfinity are currently hiring. Check out their job postings to see if you could be a fit!

3. Athletic Performer

Easily one of the best (and hardest) positions on our list. If you love to perform for a crowd, consider becoming an athletic performer for a company like Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soleil provides excellent benefits, a competitive salary and is an amazing way to see the world while stepping on the stage as an artist in one of their 15+ productions all over the world!

4. Sales Representative

Looking to make your mark and work up the ranks within a company in cheerleading? Look for a sales position with an event producer, equipment company or even your favorite magazine. You’ll work directly with the customers by selling events, advertising, apparel or even equipment. The opportunities are endless with any sales position and most of the time there’s no cap on the earnings you can make. You just have to put in the work, stay patient and never give up! Check out companies that are hiring like Deep South Spirit or TeamLeader.

5. Coach

Love to work with athletes? Competitive Cheerleading is growing with new athletes joining the sport daily. Make an impact on the younger generation by learning to become a team coach or specialty coach like a tumbling or stunt instructor. It’s an incredibly rewarding position, but you have to put in the time to learn the rules and get your certifications. Go ahead and get your Red Cross Certifications for CPR, First Aid and check with your local gym to see what they require of their coaches.

6. Internship or Volunteer

If you’re not quite sure about your career path, there are many ways that can help you figure it out! Try an internship with companies like Cheer Media that can provide internship and growth opportunities to help you figure out your passions.

There are also many recreational and non-profit cheer programs that look for volunteers constantly. Help with a cause or get involved with your local YMCA and help grow a cheer program to make an impact on local youth. It’s always great to keep active within the nonprofit community and it will help make your resume shine!

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About The Author

Shane Womack

Shane Womack is the founder and owner of Cheer Media, the parent company of Cheer! magazine and Shane was an all star and high school cheerleader before becoming a collegiate cheerleader with Louisiana State University where he earned his degree in Business Marketing. Shane is also an elected member of the USASF National Advisory Board.


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