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Cheer Replay Launching Judging Systems Certification Training

Cheer Replay Launching Judging Systems Certification Training

Cheer Technologies, the developer of Cheer Replay, has announced a new training program to assist judges at cheerleading and dance events for the 2017-2018 competition season. The Cheer Replay certified judging systems program would begin rolling out on September 1st, 2017 as a service for legality and deduction judges to add to their resume.

The Cheer Replay certified judging systems program will consist of an online training program that will test and fully certify legality and deduction judges to deliver Cheer Replay technology to cheerleading, dance and other sporting events around the world. This tool will serve as a unique offering for judges and event producers committed to transparency and clear communication to gym owners and coaches, while also providing incredible value to each event using the service. As each judge completes the training successfully, they will be added to a database of recommended Cheer Replay certified judges that event producers can select to use as an asset for their events.

“This software has really cut down on questions at score check during our events,” explains Amanda Fairhill, Director of Future Cheer UK.

Cheer Replay has quickly become the leader of a new generation of computer assisted judging for the cheerleading industry. Its features include: video review with full 4K/HD recording and playback, ability to mark points in the routine for further review, ability to jump to previous marks made, function to email coaches for review of deductions or violations, and more. Cheer Technologies is also developing an app for gym owners and coaches to download to the phones and tablets to get faster access to their scores following a performance.

“Our purpose is to make it easier for event producers to use our system, while also reducing costs by having Cheer Replay certified judges manage the use of the Cheer Replay system,” says Tim O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Cheer Technologies. “Our systems training and certification will be complementary for judges; we’re looking for a symbiotic relationship to help one another and innovate as we grow within our industry.  Cheer Replay was designed at the direction of judges, and participating in this program allows for immediate feedback and further enhancements of the system.”

If you are a judge for the 2017-2018 season and are interested in adding this service to your judging resume, contact Cheer Technologies via  

Cheer Technologies, founded in 2016, was created out of 17 years of cheerleading and dance experience. The Founder and Principal were instrumental in the design and implementation of one of the first cheerleading judging systems in 2004. Combined, they have over 1500 cheer events on the judges’ riser in their 17 year history, providing videography, playback, photography, and technical support.

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