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The 2018 NCA All-Star Nationals Registration is OPEN!

The 2018 NCA All-Star Nationals Registration is OPEN!

Nothing feels more like the start of a new competition season than NCA All-Star Nationals registration day! When the online portal opened yesterday at 10 am CST, Justin Carrier’s twitter announced 310 teams had registered within the first minute. Fifteen minutes later, the number was up to 1000.

With decades of tradition that only gets stronger every year, the best of the best descend on Dallas in search of that coveted jacket and megaphone trophy. Speculation is already building about staging in the Arena, with pyrotechnics and technology leading to more outrageous and fantastical backdrops every year. Outside in the halls, and in the surrounding streets, all the cheer merchandise an athlete could ever want is within walking distance.

It’s cheerleading heaven, and it’s a destination that’s earned, not given.

Gyms from all over the United States are securing their spots, alongside teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, Guatemala, and Mexico, all preparing to take home that coveted jacket. Not just another national championship, the whole world knows #TheWorkIsWorthIt.

And with the first team to register being Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, a perennial favorite in the ever-popular large senior all girl division, we’re wondering if this is the sign CEA owner Courtney Smith-Pope needs to finally break the LAG curse!

With all divisions- including prep, tinies, minis, and youth- returning to the same weekend, the three-day competition in Dallas, TX is expected to rapidly reach capacity.

Don’t miss out! Register now at

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