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Magnetic Lashes are the Next Big Trend for Cheerleaders

Find me a girl who can apply false lashes perfectly 100% of the time and I’ll give her a worlds ring… and an NCA jacket.

Thankfully, the next big thing in the beauty world is magnetic lashes. Say what?! Yep! Lashes that require no glue, no gunk and snap perfectly into place every time.

One Two Lash are leaders in the game of micro-magnetic lash technology. Applying them is a breeze making them the perfect beauty accessory for everyday wear. Even more so, eliminating the need for glue will make cheerleaders everywhere breathe a sigh of relief- because who hasn’t had sweat weaken the adhesive of their lash glue?

One Two Lash offers three different styles for those who want to be super glam (us!), those who need a natural boost and anyone who needs a little accent to lift their day. Completely reusable because there’s no gunky glue residue, these fluttery, flirty lashes are well worth the price.

So for all the athletes (and moms!) who dread applying the necessary false lashes, One Two Lash is your literal saviour. No more sticky fingers, no more fixing the perfect eyeliner ruined by glue, no more asymmetrical lashes threatening to fall off mid-routine. The best part? Saving time so you can definitely get that morning Starbucks before that 8am meet time.

If this is the future of beauty, we are so down for it.


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