Busy Week for The Ohio State University Cheerleaders

The Ohio State University Cheerleaders

As a former collegiate LSU cheerleader, I totally understand the commitment it takes to be on a collegiate squad. It takes a bit of tenacity and drive to accomplish the amount of school work, practices, promotions and workouts to be the best University Ambassador that you can be.

The Ohio State University CheerleadersCourtesy: The Ohio State University Cheerleaders Facebook

However, for the first time in Collegiate Cheerleading history – The Ohio State University Cheerleaders and the University of Oregon Cheerleaders will be the first collegiate teams to cheer at two major bowl games within a two week period. However, OSU Cheer has one more thing on their plate next week as well – UCA College Nationals.



Between missing class for appearances and games, on top of workouts and practices, The OSU Cheer Team is headed for The College Football National Championship game in Dallas, TX on January 12th. They will have tons of appearances beginning tomorrow through the start of the game at 7:30 pm on Monday Night.



Tuesday Morning, the team will arrive back home in Ohio for last minute routine preparations, class and workouts and will head two short days later to Orlando, Fla. for the UCA & UDA College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championship which begins on Friday, January 16th. Check out the schedule of events here.



Brutus, The Ohio State University Mascot will compete on Friday Night in the Mascot Division IA following the Coed and All-Girl Partner Stunt Championship. The Ohio State University Mascots stay busy as well, as they attend over 500 appearances at both sporting and non-sporting events each year.


Semi-Finals for The Ohio State University Cheerleaders will be on Saturday afternoon for the Division 1A Semi-Finalists looking to gain a spot in Finals on Sunday Night. The OSU Cheer Team is lead by Head Coach, Ben Schreiber, and Assistant Coaches, Siobhan St. John and Ray Sharp.


It has definitely been a whirlwind of the last few months, but the dedication is surely worth the experience. Kudos to The Ohio State University Cheerleaders for pushing themselves and not only excelling in the classroom. It’s never an easy feat to be a cheerleader for any university.

… O – H – I – O!


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