Hightstown High School Road to Nationals

Submitted by Ashleigh Shannon

UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship is held each year at Disney World in Orlando, FL.  The Varsity Cheerleading team of Hightstown High School, NJ, has been going to this national competition for five years now, and last year they were closer than ever from a first place title.  

This year they  return in hopes of the first place trophy, and they’ve been working since August to toward this goal.  With a great team comes different challenges – one challenge they have faced this season is the various  injuries the girls have had.  But, this hasn’t dampened Hightstown’s spirit; they push through, and work together as a team.  Dana Kamaras and Barbra Callahan, the coaches of Hightstown Varsity push the girls to be the best they can be so they can achieve the goal of hitting at Nationals.  

This is their story leading up to the 2016 competition.

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