While Mother has immediate brain surgery, Cheerleader gets support as she heads to NCA

While thousands of cheerleaders will be making their way to Dallas this weekend to compete at NCA Nationals, not everyone will get to have their family by their side.

This is the case for 11-year-old Bailey Carroll, part of Cheer Tyme’s Lady Envy.baileyarticle1

Bailey’s mother, Tina, was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm this past Sunday after driving herself to the emergency room, for what she first thought was just a very strong headache.

After spending over five hours in the emergency room while the doctors ran test, they sent Tina to another hospital where they could get a closer look at what was going on.

Bailey’s father, Richard, finally got a phone call from his wife: “You’re on speaker phone and the doctor is here with me,” Tina said. 

That was when Richard Carroll heard the news; there was, in fact, an aneurysm and Tina was to have immediate brain surgery the following day, late Monday.

As soon as Tina found out she had to have surgery, Richard told me her first question for the doctor was, “Will I be able to fly on Friday?”

ladyenvyarticle3This is Bailey and Lady Envy’s first time competing at NCA Nationals.

Richard said Tina was definitely upset that she would have to miss NCA.

“This is not just a hobby for us – it’s a lifestyle,” Richard said.

“Cheerleading is always a priority that we work our life around.”

After much anticipation, I finally got the news from Richard on Tina’s surgery.

“The surgery was a success there’s an incredibly high probability of a full recovery,” Richard said.

Though the surgery was successful, Tina will remain in the hospital for the next 10-20 days being monitored.

This left Richard at home to take care of his son, three dogs, two turtles, and one frog to be exact, while Tina got her rest and Bailey heads to Dallas.

The next order of business was finding out how to get Bailey to NCA safely.

Cheer Tyme coach Lark Wood suggested calling their airline (United Airlines) and asking could they change the ticket name from Tina’s to Wood, so Bailey could fly with someone she was comfortable with.

After receiving a “no” within the first phone call, that’s when Wood and Richard took to Twitter to try and get some answers. They began using the hashtag #GetBailsToDallas, and it wasn’t long before the Cheer World came together to try and get the word out.

“Fierceboard (@fierceboard) started tweeting, then Cheer Updates (@cheerupdates) and before I knew it I couldn’t keep up with the notifications,” Richard said.

“It was incredible to see the support from a family of athletes to try and help United Airlines do the right thing.”

baileystuntarticle4Though they never got the answer they wanted from United, Richard got a phone call yesterday from a team mom and offered to have Bailey fly with her and another Cheer Tyme team, Obsession.

“I asked her, ‘What do I need to pay?’” Richard said, and the team mom responded: “Don’t worry about it – teams are a family, and family takes care of each other.

Richard said he had never even met the other team mom before, but that they “talked like they were friends” and that it was just amazing how their gym came together for them in their time of need.

“There has just been so many well wishes and good vibes from everyone,” Richard said.

Bailey’s father also said if you happen to see her at NCA, run up and give her a hug.

We both agreed at how amazing the cheerleading community really is, and how supportive everyone is of each other.

“I love this gym. I love this team. Hopefully they’ll come home with a jacket,” Richard said.

You can continue to tweet prayers and good wishes to Bailey by using the hashtag #GetBailsToDallas or by following her Twitter account @CheerTymeBails.

Let’s keep the good energy and positive thoughts coming to Bailey’s mother, Tina, as she recovers and to Bailey as she competes at NCA!

Happy Cheering!

Photo credit: Richard Carroll (@CheerTymeDad)



  1. Angela Thomas

    February 26, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    Thank you for writing such a great article about my friends! Have known Richard and Tina for quite a while, and Richard’s mom and I are great friends. 🙂

  2. Jeanne Lightner

    February 26, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    What a wonderful story.Hope everything turns out great. my grandaughter is a cheerleader for Cheertyme Charm. Good Luck to the girls.

  3. Bob & PeggyPragman

    February 26, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    What a wonderful thing that was done for Tina, Bailey, and Richard !!! We know how grateful they are & what it means to all three of them. What a great story to reinforce that there ARE wonderful compassionate human beings in this great country. So glad to read such a blessed story for a change. We THANK YOU, and Tina, Richard, Bailey, and her younger brother remain in our prayers. God bless you all. Missouri friends of Richard, Tina, Bailey !!!

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